KGUARD® International Ltd – Supplying Edge Protection & Fall Prevention Systems to the Construction Industry for 13 years.

The KGUARD® brand is synonymous with exemplary safety records and our products can be seen on construction sites throughout the US.
Our products are available to buy or rent.

KGUARD® Edge Protection Systems are so versatile, the exact specification products we use in the US are exported to many countries across South America, Asia and Europe.

KGUARD® specialties include Concrete Frame Edge Protection, Debris Barriers, Safety Gangways and Steelwork Protection.

KGUARD® Products

Slab Edge Protection


Surface mounted, slab side edge fixing options, and non drilling clamping arrangements.

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Cleverly engineered clamps to fit all sizes of aluminium beam extrusions and timber beam sections.

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Designed with the demands and diversity of steelwork erection safety procedures.

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KGUARD® bridge

Safe edge protection for highways bridge maintenance, parapet upgrading and replacement works.

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KGUARD® Groundworks

Comprehensive edge protection solution for all unprotected excavation areas.

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KGUARD® Walkway

Durable and strong, with the ability to be adapted to suit the most complex of site access areas.

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KGUARD® Stairway

Cost effective construction of proprietary staircase handrails in half the time of more traditional methods.

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KGUARD® Trailer

Safe loading/unloading from vehicles by cranes and associated mechanical handling equipment.

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KGUARD® Custom

Purpose made fabrication components to suit bespoke and tailored projects.

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KGUARD® Multi-Application System (MAS)

KGUARD® Multi-Application Edge Protection System for Concrete Slab Environments.


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We are worldwide leaders in supplying Edge Protection and Fall Prevention Systems.

Our products are reliable, quick to install and offer real safety assurance.


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